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FusionFIT is a locally owned group fitness studio in Windsor, Colorado offering strength, cardio, kickboxing, HIIT and TRX classes for all levels of fitness! We are dedicated to providing our members with fun, results driven workouts in a motivating and supportive environment. Our instructors custom plan each experience so you’ll never repeat the same class twice! We provide a welcoming space for you and your family to focus on your fitness goals; complete with kids daycare, family and youth fitness classes. Our studio is also home to run.Windsor, a local running group! Take advantage of our one free week trial and check out our amazing membership options.

Our Coaches


Owner and Fitness Instructor

Certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor, UESCA Certified Running Coach.

As the Owner, manager and lead instructor at FusionFIT Windsor, my goal is to help people embrace a healthy, fit lifestyle while surrounded by a supportive community! I am a CSU graduate, military wife and momma to two beautiful boys.

As a Colorado native, I love the outdoors and have embraced all things fitness to keep my family & I active and healthy.

My fitness journey really began after college in an effort to feel good again. It was a difficult road getting back into shape and learning to love fitness. I am now a marathon runner, group fitness coach and so grateful to lead this incredible group of Fitness Instructors and our community of dedicated members! I want to teach our boys the importance of exercise and more importantly that you can find an active lifestyle you love! As a stay at home mom of two littles, I started coaching because I'm passionate about helping others find their fitness and making it part of everyday life. I believe everyone deserves to feel good and has what it takes to be the best version of themselves.




    I have loved fitness my whole life. I've worked in 3 different gyms and have always love the atmosphere.

    14 years ago I met my husband at the gym. We have been married almost 13 years and have 3 very active kids! I've stayed home with them up until now they are all finally in school! Working out and staying fit has always been important to me! I have always wanted to help others fall in love with fitness the way that I have! I'm so thankful to FusionFit for giving me the opportunity to fulfill this dream!!


    Jenn Ingle


    I have been walking the journey of health and fitness with my clients for 20 years.

    I grew up in San Diego and being active was a natural part of life on the beautiful beaches. I am a certified personal trainer with a number of specialty fitness and wellness certifications. I began my dream of working in the fitness industry teaching in a martial art studio training the cardio classes for men and women. I learned so many valuable lessons about challenging people of all fitness levels to meet and exceed their goals that I knew I wanted to expand my platform, I continued my education and began training at the gyms in my surrounding area. Health and fitness is a very personal journey. I have worked with clients with goals ranging from being able to bend down to play with their grandkids to competing in fitness competitions. No matter what your end goal is, it starts with one step in a healthier direction.

    I recently sold my kickboxing and fitness studio in San Jacinto, California called "Garage Girls" where I spent my days "playing". I view fitness as an adult playground of endless creative possibilities to stay active and healthy. We all have to grow up and as my kids say, "adult" but we don't have to grow weary. Our bodies were designed to be challenged and evolve as we age. It is our choice to allow time to steal health, strength and mobility or to heal, strengthen and move into our future.

    I look forward to meeting with you as we embark on your fitness journey together.
    I have an amazing supportive family. I have been married for 25 years and have 4 great kids and 2 adorable grandkids.




    Having battled health issues, I love helping others lead healthy lives through fitness!

    A few years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I became so sick I was unable to leave the house for about a year. I also became depressed because being healthy physically makes me healthy mentally. While taking medications to help get my UC under control, I gained a lot of weight. I was in so much pain I could barely walk. Any day I felt that I could, I would try to at least walk. I figured something was better than nothing. Now I am the healthiest I have ever been and never take for granted waking up in the morning and being able to push my body as hard as I can. I make every day count and remember how blessed I am! I love helping others find health and wellness in their lives.




    I believe my calling in life is to be a leader through coaching, and with over 16 years of experience I see no end in sight!

    Born in Lakewood, Colorado and raised by a single mother in a low-income family, I started boxing and wrestling at age 5.

    With support from my mom and the leadership of an amazing coach, Mark Robinson, I persevered through many challenges and continued in competitive sports through high school, eventually graduating with multiple honors and scholarship offers.

    Life took a turn when my mother became terminally ill, so at age 18, I started earning money as a professional mixed martial arts fighter. I continued to pursue my education, working toward a degree in exercise science while still competing in multiple sports.

    Life took yet another turn when, in my junior year of college, I broke my neck playing football and was told I would never play sports again. This marked the start of my coaching career, when I became the strength and conditioning coach for several athletes on campus and started my own MMA gym.

    It wasn't long until I was back in the ring myself, earning a spot on the team of former PRIDE Heavyweight World Champion and MMA legend, Wanderlei Silvas, and becoming a professional MMA champion in 2013. During my MMA career, I also had the opportunity to be coached in Muay Thai by UFC Coach Duane "Bang" Ludwig and in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by UFC Coach Tony Basile.

    Eventually, multiple injuries and surgeries put an end to my MMA career, but I have continued to coach men, women and children of all ages in group classes, private training and competition, including a coaching stint in Japan.

    I'm a proud husband and father, blessed to be married to my wonderful wife for 13 years. It's the best feeling in the world when I walk into the room and my 10-month-old son pretends to throw punches!




    I have always been drawn to fitness and endurance sports. I was a swimmer in high school and college, and I started my running journey 9 years ago.

    I had a long break when I had my two sweet boys, but over the last four years I have really found a passion and love for the sport of running and fitness.

    I joined run.Windsor in the spring of 2017 and I had no idea the opportunities and community it would bring to my life. I quickly realized that this group had something extremely special. It didn't take me long to become involved and volunteer my time as an assistant coach for this amazing group of ladies. I spent the majority of 2018 learning everything there is to know about running, chasing after my own running goals and running my first marathon, which I have decided will be my first of many!

    After completing my UESCA Running Coach Certification I'm so excited to officially be a Coach for Run.Windsor and Group Fitness Instructor at FusionFIT; specializing in CardioFUSION!

    When I'm not running and coaching you can find me working as a graphic designer in the agricultural industry, exploring the great outdoors, dreaming about travel and spending time with my beautiful family!




    Michelle Garver has been in sports since she was a child. She started being more interested in strength training in 2014 after she moved to Colorado. She hired a personal trainer and soon after wanted his job! She quickly fell in love with the weights and challenging herself to higher level of fitness. She enjoys helping people reach their goals. She loves encouraging others wherever they are in their fitness journey. Every workout can be changed to make it fit to each individual. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and Michelle loves meeting people where they are. One of her goals is to someday have classes for the older generations.

    Originally from Ohio, Michelle moved to Colorado to explore its never-ending wealth of outside activities. On the weekends, it is customary to find Michelle testing her fitness outside of the gym. She can regularly be found trail running, hiking 14ers, and paddleboarding.

    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

    • CPR/AED Certified

    Kids Clubhouse Team





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