Who We Are

FusionFIT is a locally owned group fitness studio in Windsor, Colorado offering strength, cardio, kickboxing, barre, bootcamp and running classes for all levels of fitness! We are dedicated to providing our members with fun, results driven workouts in a motivating and supportive environment. Our instructors custom plan each experience so you’ll never repeat the same class twice! We provide a welcoming space for you and your family to focus on your fitness goals; complete with kids daycare, family and youth fitness classes. Our studio is also home to run.Windsor, a local running group! Take advantage of our one free week trial and check out our amazing membership options.

Our Coaches


Owner and Fitness Instructor

Certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor, UESCA Certified Running Coach.

As the Owner, manager and lead instructor at FusionFIT Windsor, my goal is to help people embrace a healthy, fit lifestyle while surrounded by a supportive community! I am a CSU graduate, military wife and momma to two beautiful boys.

As a Colorado native, I love the outdoors and have embraced all things fitness to keep my family & I active and healthy.

My fitness journey really began after college in an effort to feel good again. It was a difficult road getting back into shape and learning to love fitness. I am now a marathon runner, group fitness coach and so grateful to lead this incredible group of Fitness Instructors and our community of dedicated members! I want to teach our boys the importance of exercise and more importantly that you can find an active lifestyle you love! As a stay at home mom of two littles, I started coaching because I'm passionate about helping others find their fitness and making it part of everyday life. I believe everyone deserves to feel good and has what it takes to be the best version of themselves.


    Jenn Ingle


    I have been walking the journey of health and fitness with my clients for 20 years.

    I grew up in San Diego and being active was a natural part of life on the beautiful beaches. I am a certified personal trainer with a number of specialty fitness and wellness certifications. I began my dream of working in the fitness industry teaching in a martial art studio training the cardio classes for men and women. I learned so many valuable lessons about challenging people of all fitness levels to meet and exceed their goals that I knew I wanted to expand my platform, I continued my education and began training at the gyms in my surrounding area. Health and fitness is a very personal journey. I have worked with clients with goals ranging from being able to bend down to play with their grandkids to competing in fitness competitions. No matter what your end goal is, it starts with one step in a healthier direction.

    I recently sold my kickboxing and fitness studio in San Jacinto, California called "Garage Girls" where I spent my days "playing". I view fitness as an adult playground of endless creative possibilities to stay active and healthy. We all have to grow up and as my kids say, "adult" but we don't have to grow weary. Our bodies were designed to be challenged and evolve as we age. It is our choice to allow time to steal health, strength and mobility or to heal, strengthen and move into our future.

    I look forward to meeting with you as we embark on your fitness journey together.
    I have an amazing supportive family. I have been married for 25 years and have 4 great kids and 2 adorable grandkids.




    "I have been a fitness, activity junkie my whole life. I ran track in high school and college....the brutal races, 400m and 800m! I started branching out in my 20's with cycling and lifting weights. I have competed in many different areas, triathlons, 5k to half marathons, cycling races, and was an NPC Fitness competitor (that was one of the toughest). I have been teaching Spinning, Boot Camp, Senior Fit for the past 12 years. I am currently certified in Spinning, Boot Camp, and R.I.P.P.E.D. I love working with clients of all ages and meeting their needs. Setting goals, motivating my clients to push their limits and getting to know their personal fitness goals is vital to me.

    I am a wife and mom to 4 amazing daughters. Our family was built around being active and healthy together. We love to ski, hike, play tennis, golf, run, yoga, cycle and travel together. I never want to get "old"! Staying active is the key to life and I plan to be chasing my future grand-babies around until I am at least 90. I believe that fitness and continually being active keeps the mind and body engaged.

    I am thrilled to be part of the FusionFIT team. I welcome any age, fitness level and challenge to my classes."


    Lisa Payne

    Barre Instructor

    I have been teaching over 30 years (so since I was 3 years old-lol)! I discovered Barre over a year ago and love it- it will change your life, your body and your booty! I can't wait to meet all of you! I have been married over 26 years and have 2 adopted daughters from China that are now 21 and 19. My 21 year old graduated from college last year and is a chef at The Hearth and my 19 year old is a sophomore/junior at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. My husband works for State Farm Insurance. I grew up in Oklahoma and graduated from college and grad school there. My husband and I moved a lot with his job around the country but we have been here over 10 years and are here to stay. My barre class is NOT fancy dancy...it is strong and athletic. I make my own playlists and change them often. I take requests and try to make them fit in. I've even took "dares" from some of my male clients that I couldn't do barre to Eminem....playlist was created! If you haven't done barre, try it! If you have tried it before and weren't sure of it, come try it again! It can only make you sore (I mean happy)!!!




    I have always been drawn to fitness and endurance sports. I was a swimmer in high school and college, and I started my running journey 9 years ago.

    I had a long break when I had my two sweet boys, but over the last four years I have really found a passion and love for the sport of running and fitness.

    I joined run.Windsor in the spring of 2017 and I had no idea the opportunities and community it would bring to my life. I quickly realized that this group had something extremely special. It didn't take me long to become involved and volunteer my time as an assistant coach for this amazing group of ladies. I spent the majority of 2018 learning everything there is to know about running, chasing after my own running goals and running my first marathon, which I have decided will be my first of many!

    After completing my UESCA Running Coach Certification I'm so excited to officially be a Coach for Run.Windsor and Group Fitness Instructor at FusionFIT; specializing in CardioFUSION!

    When I'm not running and coaching you can find me working as a graphic designer in the agricultural industry, exploring the great outdoors, dreaming about travel and spending time with my beautiful family!

    Jenn Rutledge



    Jenn is a passionate Group Fitness Trainer who brings motivation, inspiration and years of fitness and training experience to the members of FusionFIT. Jenn found her passion for health and exercise while playing in competitive soccer. It was through her time as a reserve through the USL W-league (semi pro soccer), as well as assistant coaching various competitive youth soccer teams, that she truly found her passion to enable individuals (adults and youth) to enhance their strength and endurance. Jenn believes health and exercise should never feel like a daunting task to her clients; she strives to make workouts fun, inclusive, educational, challenging and most importantly effective! Jenn is a Colorado Native, currently residing in the Greeley area with her husband and two sons. In their spare time, they enjoy family bike rides, family runs and smoking delicious meats!