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Learn more about our group fitness classes in Windsor, CO

Elevate your workout routine at FusionFIT Windsor! Our group exercise classes are designed to inspire and motivate you. With FitMetrix heart rate monitoring technology, you'll track your fitness progress to meet goals and have fun while breaking a sweat.

Our Group Fitness classes offer something for everyone! From Cardio Fusion (running/rowing) to Strength to Cardio Kickboxing, you're sure to find your FIT! Once you try our group classes, you'll never go back to the old routine. Call 970-213-7258 or read below for more information about our group fitness classes.

See what classes we offer

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you'll love our workout programs. You can visit us in Windsor, CO for:

Cardio Fusion

Our signature cardio class that blasts upbeat music while you improve your endurance, speed and strength. This class incorporates the use of treadmills and rowers and various strength equipment into our regiments.


A combination of boxing, martial arts and strength training that'll leave you feeling energized


A blend of everything from strength training to plyometrics to challenge your physical and mental toughness

Fit Circuit

A circuit training class that uses muscle-confusion techniques to help you burn fat and build muscle


A program that combines high-intensity interval and strength training to get you ripped for beach season

Strength and Balance

This class offers strength and cardio exercises while focused on core awareness and balance utilizing TRX and Bosu. Functional movements performed during this class will build better posture assisting in daily activities and athletics of all types.

Dance Fit

A high energy cardio class to pop hits and Latin inspired music that utilizes easy to follow moves combining fast and slow rhythms. You'll tone and sculpt your body while burning fat and having a great time!

Back To Fit

Back To Fit is a small group fitness class perfect for those returning from a break, beginning their fitness journey, or working on a specific imbalance. This class is also a great low-impact workout to compliment your hard-hitting classes the rest of the week.

We'll slow down the pace while still getting in a great workout, perfect for those who are 6+ weeks postpartum, new to group fitness or returning from an injury.