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A blend of anything and everything that will put your mind, body and spirit to the test. You may find yourself doing burpees, plyometrics, strength training, partner competitions and everything in between. Expect the unexpected.


Boxology combines a metabolic workout format, high-intensity exercise moves, martial arts kicking combinations, boxing combinations and strength training. A Boxology workout will leave you feeling empowered and BURNING calories for several hours after the workout! Modifications are provided so that all fitness levels may participate! Boxology is high-intensity interval-type training and oh so much fun! No experience needed!

Cardio Fusion

Developed by our certified UESCA Running Coaches, our signature cardio class combines a treadmill/rower workout with strength training that can include weights, TRX, kettlebells, kickboxing and more! You'll work on endurance, speed, and strength set to fun music in a high energy atmosphere!


This class utilizes a variety of equipment and training formats for a full body workout that will keep your body burning calories and getting stronger all day long! There is very little to no cardio in a Strengthology class.


Barre is a low impact, high energy class that combines a variety of movements utilizing light weights, resistance bands and bar work. You'll tone and strengthen while improving your agility and flexibility in this incredible full body workout!

run.Windsor Group Run

Open to members of run.Windsor, Group Runs take place at various locations in Windsor, primarily utilizing our vast trail system. Memberships are available for just run.Windsor or a combined run group/gym membership!

Kids Camp

Our team of Kids Camp instructors are here to make sure your kiddos (ages 6 weeks+) have a fun, interactive experience while you workout!