MamaBear Strong

Restore your core, pelvic floor, energy and strength with MamaBear Strong, whether your baby is 6 weeks old or 26! Led by our peri & postnatal certified fitness instructor, you'll focus on slow, controlled movements and breathing techniques designed to safely return you to your fitness routine.

Kids Clubhouse is available during this time, or you can bring babies 6 weeks through 10 months old into the class with you!

Family FIT

Most of our classes are perfect for your youth ages 10+ to join you for a fun, all levels workout! Our boutique class sizes allow for our trainers to customize any class to meet the needs of your youth while providing you with a sweat dripping experience.


Our owner is a passionate runner and through run.Windsor directs local races, including Windsor, Colorado' s first Half Marathon in October of 2020. run.Windsor also trains a local women's running group and organizes Training Fun Runs free to the entire community! Click here to learn more!