FusionFIT is AMAZING!!!!!!!

I LOVE THIS GYM! If you are serious about getting a great workout in an inviting space, you found your gym! The group classes at FusionFIT are the best in town. Take it from me. After trying many other gyms in the area, I have finally found my forever gym. FusionFIT offers a variety of group classes that keep me interested and challenged. Each class can be customized for your individual goals and personal needs. Plus, the entire team of trainers are energetic, encouraging and super friendly. I would recommend this exceptional gym to EVERYONE!

Robin Madden

FusionFIT Windsor is more than a gym. It's a place of encouragement and friendship along with physical and mental strength training. The workouts are always different and each instructor incorporates positive thinking, encouraging words and mental strength in their own way. Come fight your battles and become stronger together at fusionFIT!

Crystal Lowe

LOVE LOVE LOVE FusionFIT!! The instructors genuinely care about each member and want to help you be the best version of you. Plus, the members provide support and encouragement to each other and keep each other accountable. It's a wonderful community that I'm proud to be a part of.

katrina darbin

I never thought I'd join a gym... but I've been going consistently for 3 months and I can't imagine giving it up! The instructors are so encouraging and there is never any sense of judgment. I've never taken a class I didn't like and I've never felt stronger! This place keeps me motivated. My kids enjoy the clubhouse room and have even started taking the Fit Kids classes which they LOVE. Highly recommend FusionFIT!!!

Stefanie Sparks

This gym is top notch! FusionFIT offers unique classes and knowledgeable instructors! It's great to work out at a place with people who push you to do your best and encourage you to stay strong! Get ready for a awesome workout!!

Shane Madden

I love this gym! It was difficult for me to find a good workout program and motivation after having a baby. This gym has perfect workouts that push me, but, I can also modify to my own ability! I love the instructors and the members that help support and push each other to work hard!

Christine Urlacher

I love the variety of classes they offer. The instructors are fantastic and very knowledgeable. My children enjoy the childcare provided as well as the youth classes! So happy with my decision to join this gym!

Dina Tisdale

Mandy and team of trainers are so motivating that it makes you excited to workout! It's a comfortable to work out knowing your kids are enjoying their time in the kids area too! Such a great gym!

AK Ashley

I absolutely recommend this gym!!! The workouts leave you feeling so accomplished. I am amazed by the instructors knowledge and ability to motivate everyone. I never had such a great workout!! Such a positive environment!!

Heather Roys

I love, love this gym Their fitness group classes are amazing, challenging and design to get you in shape. FusionFit offers free week, which after I tried I kept coming back. It's been almost two months, I already lost weight and feel so much better!

Kristina Simmons